Our Expertise

We have assembled a team of experts in their fields with extensive expertise in applying cutting-edge algorithms to difficult problems. Together, we are bringing high-caliber data science to businesses in Houston.  


Ziad Katrib


  • Texas A&M University, Master of Science (data analytics)
  • University of Texas at Tyler, Master of Business Administration
  • American University of Beirut, Bachelor of Engineering


Ziad holds an MBA (finance) and MS (analytics) alongside certifications in GE Project Management and Leadership and GE Power University. He has extensive business expertise in leading high caliber cross functional teams that empower senior executives with data-driven decision making. He also has extensive data expertise in the Internet of Things, particularly for deploying machine learning and deep learning pipelines for forecasting and anomaly detection.

Current position

Ziad serves as Calpine’s Director of Operations Analytics, where he transformed a performance engineering organization into a cross functional Data Science organization supporting all aspects of the operations business.

Advisory Board

Simon Sheather, Ph.D.

Business School Dean, Gatton College of Business and Economics

Guy C. Holmes

Founder, Chief Executive Officer of Tape Ark

Karim Malek

Professor, Director, Chairman, AR and 3D Simulations

Technical Experts

Abiodun Akogun

Machine learning

Abiodun Akogun holds a First Class Honors degree in Electronic/Electrical Engineering, a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and a Master’s degree in Data Analytics. He holds ITIL v3 Foundartion and ToGAF Level 2 Enterprise Architect certifications. He is the head of Katy Machine Learning meetup. He likes using his analytical skills to teach maths in his spare time and he also uses his spare time to give seminars on Big Data and Analytics.

Neeraj Tandon

Back-end Wizard

Neeraj specializes in bring order to messy data, particularly those requiring a high-level understanding of the business needs and processes. He is an expert in the most difficult and complex of backend problems, and he relies on advanced visualization techniques to empower knowledge workers with augmented intelligence.

Roman Kazinnik

Deep learning mathematician

Roman brings deep mathematical expertise to multi-disciplinary problem solving. His current focus area is the application of machine learning to integrate financial time series data with sentiment analytics for real-time monitoring of risk. He has extensive hands-on experience with deep learning and Bayesian inference for financial modeling and is an effective team-builder and leader.

Wenjie Jiao

Seismic specialist

Wenjie offers broad experience in the combination of physics-based numerical modeling and simulation, with large scale data analytics. For Wenjie, a typical dataset may cover the entire earth for nuclear monitoring geophysics or be localized to individual oil wells to detect subtle variations in the effectiveness of hydraulic fracturing.

Amy Ewbank

Project manager

Amy specializes in product management for small technology companies, particularly in software development. She excels in discovering customer needs, determining product requirements, and guiding engineering teams through product completion and deployment. She excels with tight timelines.