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At LLC, we are passionate about seeing our customer's light bulb go off through the power of AI. We are a Houston-based data science product and consultancy startup. We specialize in deployable AI. Our extensive expertise lies in the intersection of data science, energy operations, and financial forecasting.

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AI-Powered Commodity Trading

We have built state-of-the-art algorithms to forecast pricing in financial markets we rely heavily on the proven techniques of Deep Learning to provide a comprehensive platform.

DeepAPR: IIoT Early Pattern Recognition Platform

Our anomaly detection platform is a best-in-class product that uses equipment and time sequence contexts to detect abnormal equipment behavior. We provide interactive visualization and model managements to analysts and equipment experts.

Industrial Control Room Gamification

We alter and improve the experience of operators and engineers with their equipment process through video game-like visualizations. We extend the video game visualization with machine learning for anomaly detection and Augmented Reality.